My interests more broadly are the history of sport and leisure in the 20th and 21st centuries, including popular culture, television, music, comedy, transport and tourism. People might assume that history is all about kings and queens, politics and wars, but I’m particularly interested in social and cultural history in the modern context, and how that developed to the forms they take today.

I also write about contemporary football here, and occasionally on Formula 1 here.

The name of the blog comes from the sketch of the same name by Stewart Lee and Richard Herring from This Morning With Richard Not Judy.

  1. Lynn Stratton says:

    Making Tracks;- Your report July 25, 2016

    Hi, I wonder would you be kind enough to answer a question for me. My interest is in your report on the BBC’s Making Tracks – posted: July 25, 2016.
    Although I have what was taped from the television I would dearly love to find if the VHS tapes were on sale in the U.K.
    Am interested that you say that you bought two of the VHS tapes recently
    wondered if you would be able to scan me what is on the cover of your VHS tapes { I have picture’s for 9 box’s and wondered if what you bought weigh’s up with the pictures that I have.

    I travelled, world wide with {Bob Symes} on many railway productions but only met {Mary-Jean Hasler} once so have no contact for her at present, so am unable to ask her any questions.

    With very many thanks if you can help me with my enquiry.

    Lynn Stratton

    • Hi Lynn, unfortunately I’m not able to scan the covers as they are at my parents’ house in Wales, but I can tell you that the boxes are both green and orange and the videos cover Series 1 E1-2 and Series 2 E3-4. From past investigation, I believe there would only have been 9 boxes anyway as it was two episodes to a video and there were 18 episodes, so it sounds like you’ve probably already got them all – I wasn’t even sure if they released Series 3 on VHS. I would also love to find them but sadly the eBay seller only had those two videos available at the time.

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